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GLUTEN FREE (GF) OPTION ON MOST PIZZAS – Available on request (+$4 to the pricing below). 

BIANCA: Garlic, rosemary, salt & olive oil $18.5; add
cheese +$3.5 (GF avail)

The Classic: Pepperoni, homemade sausage, mushrooms, green capsicum, onions, mozzarella & black olives. $28.50 Add Bacon & Ham $4 (GF avail)

Margherita: Fresh basil, bruschetta tomatoes, topped w/garlic, homemade cashew pesto, parmesan & mozzarella. $26 (GF avail). Vegan option available.

4 Flavours of Pork: Pepperoni, bacon, ham, homemade fennel sausage & mozzarella. $28 (GF avail).  Add mushroom, olives and onions on request +$3.5.

Artichoke Gourmet: Homemade cashew pesto base, garlic, artichokes, marinated goats cheese, parmesan & mozzarella. $28.  Add pork fennel sausage +$3.5 (GF avail). Contains nuts.

Fungi Pork & Pesto: Cashew pesto base & pork fennel sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives, mozzarella cheese & truffle salt $28 (GF avail). Contains nuts.

Roasted Pumpkin: Pumpkin, balsamic Spanish onions, herb & garlic feta, mozzarella, bacon & homemade sausage. $29.50 (GF avail)

Buffalo Chicken: Chicken, streaky bacon, capsicum, buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella with a swirl of cool ranch sauce. $28.50 Add pineapple on request +$2 (GF avail)

Buffalo Garlic Prawn: Prawns, streaky bacon, mushrooms, onions, buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella with a with of cool ranch sauce. $30.50 (GF avail)

Poppy G’s Pepperoni: Lots of yummy pepperoni, stretchy mozzarella cheese and a swirl of ranch sauce.  $27 (GF avail)

Reuben Pizza: Just like the sandwich – pulled corned beef silverside, sauerkraut, Swiss and mozzarella cheeses, pickles & homemade Russian dressing.  $30.50 (GF avail)

Preferito di Vegan: Our vegan specialty made with seasonal vegetables, our traditional red sauce and shredded zucchini. $29. (GF avail)

Kids Favourite: Serves 2. Choose between All Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Ham Cheese & Pineapple or Spaghetti Pizza. $24. (GF avail)

Calzone: Classic or 4 Flavours of Pork $25. Not available gluten free.

Dessert Pizza: Please ask at the counter $29.50. (GF avail)

We cannot 100% guarantee food to be nut and gluten free. We certainly try our best. Please let us know if its a super serious allergy.


Cheese Tasting Plate: Your choice of three cheeses $24.5; four cheeses $28. All cheese plates served / biscuits and seasonal relish or pickle. (GF on request)

WARM CHEESY QUESO: Warm Mexican style cheese dip with corn chips $17.50 (GF)

Warm Autumn Salad: Roasted pumpkin, caramelized Spanish onion, marinated feta cheese, balsamic reduction served over green leaves. $18(GF). Add Spicy Chicken +$7; or Add Garlic Prawns +$8


Geisha Coffee – Capp / Latte / Decaf M / Long Black   
English Breakfast Tea   Espresso  Chai 
  Iced Coffee Choc, Coffee, Vanilla or Strawberry Milkshake  
Soft Drinks   

Along with our selection wines we also have beers, ciders and sparkling available for purchase. 

We would like to thank our local suppliers – Two Fat Cows Ice-cream &
Geisha Coffee

Barista made Geisha coffee

Barista made Geisha coffee