GLUTEN FREE (GF) OPTION ON MOST PIZZAS – Available on request (+$3 to the pricing below). 

The Classic: Pepperoni, homemade sausage, mushrooms, green capsicum, onions, mozzarella & black olives. $23 (GF avail)

Margherita: Fresh basil, bruschetta tomatoes, topped w/garlic, homemade cashew pesto, parmesan & mozzarella. $22 (GF avail)

4 Flavours of Pork: Pepperoni, bacon, ham, homemade fennel sausage & mozzarella. $23 (GF avail).  Add mushroom, olives and onions on request $25.

Artichoke Gourmet: Homemade cashew pesto base, garlic, artichokes, marinated goats cheese, parmesan & mozzarella. $24.  Add pork fennel sausage  $27 (GF avail)

Fungi Pork & Pesto: Cashew pesto base & pork fennel sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives, mozzarella cheese & truffle salt $24 (GF avail). 

Roasted Pumpkin: Pumpkin, balsamic Spanish onions, herb & garlic feta, mozzarella, bacon & homemade sausage. $24 (GF avail)

Buffalo Chicken: Chicken, streaky bacon, capsicum, buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella with a swirl of cool ranch sauce. $25 Add pineapple on request $26

Buffalo Garlic Prawn: Prawns, streaky bacon, mushrooms, onions, buffalo hot sauce, mozzarella with a with of cool ranch sauce. $29

Poppy G’s Pepperoni: Lots of yummy pepperoni, stretchy mozzarella cheese and a swirl of ranch sauce. Yeah its spicy! $22 (GF avail)

Reuben Pizza: Just like the sandwich – pulled corned beef silverside, sauerkraut, Swiss and mozzarella cheeses, pickles & homemade Russian dressing.  $24 (GF avail)

Preferito di Vegan: Our vegan specialty made with seasonal vegetables, our traditional red sauce and shredded zucchini. $24. (GF avail)

Kids Favourite: Serves 2. Choose between All Cheese, Ham & Cheese, Ham Cheese & Pineapple or Spaghetti Pizza. $20. (GF avail)

Calzone: Your choice of the Classic or 4 Flavours of Pork (add $4 to the above gourmet pizza price).  Not available gluten free.

Dessert Pizza: Please ask at the counter $20. (GF avail)

We cannot 100% guarantee food to be nut and gluten free. We certainly try our best. Please let us know if its a super serious allergy.


Cheese Tasting Plate: Your choice of two cheeses $15; three cheeses $20; four cheeses $25. All cheese plates served / biscuits and seasonal relish or pickle. (GF on request)

Reuben Sandwich: House specialty sandwich made with pulled corn beef silverside, sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese & homemade Russian dressing on locally made sourdough rye served w/ FF crisps $22

Warm Autumn Salad: Roasted pumpkin, caramelized Spanish onion, marinated feta cheese, balsamic reduction served over green leaves. $19(GF)


Yahava Coffee – Capp / Latte / Decaf M / Lg $4.50
English Breakfast Tea $3.50 Espresso – $3.50
Yahava Iced Coffee $7
1L Sparkling Mineral Water $8
Choc, Coffee, Vanilla or Strawberry Milkshake $7
Soft Drink $4 LLB $5

Along with our selection wines we also have beers, ciders and sparkling available for purchase. 

We would like to thank our local suppliers – Two Fat Cows Ice-cream,
Yahava & Dardanup Bakery

Barista made Yahava coffee

Barista made Yahava coffee